About Me

About Me

Hi there! My name is Shaun Ruigrok. From a young age, I have been really passionate about computer technology. Even in Primary School, I was known as the “computer guy”. Since then, I have been regularly providing tech support to neighbours, friends, family, and others. I pride myself on my simple, thorough, and plain-English explanations, and I am consistently commended for my ability to explain highly technical concepts and jargon in a language that people of any age and technical ability can understand. My focus is to help make technology work for people, so that you can get the most out of it – and have fun doing so!

What I Do

I am skilled in providing you with excellent, friendly tech support. I can help you with your desktop or laptop computer, your smartphone or tablet (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, and others), and a wide range of other devices. I can also set up your home entertainment system for the best picture/sound quality and maximum enjoyment. For more information, please refer to the Tech Support or Computer Service pages. My priority is to answer your questions, help you learn how to use your computer or other electronic devices to their full potential with confidence that you won’t break anything, and enjoy it at the same time. Technology should be fun and exciting, not scary or intimidating!

Where I Can Help

Based out of Ringwood, I primarily serve the Ringwood area and its surrounds; including west toward Nunawading, north to Warrandyte, east to Lilydale, and south to Bayswater. For a small additional fee, I can travel further than this range.

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More About Me

I am especially passionate about Apple, my brand of choice – I have owned many Apple devices going back to the iMac G3 and iPod nano. Whilst I have “switched” a number of my clients to the Mac, this is not my focus: I believe in providing the best solution for the requirements. Over the past four years, I have developed my skills in website development; primarily working with the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). I have created and manage several websites for local sports clubs, not-for-profits, and small businesses. Having been using social media since 2008, I have extensive experience with the platforms. As such, I also manage the social media presence of a couple local sports clubs. I have been using the iPhone and iPad since their introduction, and am well-versed on its ins-and-outs. Of course, “there’s an app for that!”: having an extensive history with the devices; I can recommend the best apps to suit your needs. More recently, I have been building desktop tower PCs for numerous clients, tailor-making them to specific requirements and budgets; ranging from $500 to $1900, and for purposes from basic office tasks to HD gaming. Finally, I also have skills in setting up and optimising home entertainment systems. I will ensure that you get the best possible picture and sound, whilst making it easy with the Logitech Harmony; my all-in-one remote control of choice that makes it as simple as pushing one button to operate everything! I am a fast learner, and can quickly pick up an understanding of a system in a short time, even if I have little or no prior experience. No job is too big or small; I enjoy a challenge. The only stupid questions are the ones unasked; but I do ask that you try turning it off and on again first!