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Experiencing problems with your computer? Perhaps it’s running slowly, or you’re having issues with things not working like they used to. I provide a range of services, from straightforward PC tune-ups to the more complex, including completely replacing the computer when it’s reached its “use-by date”.

Don’t be put off by the salesperson’s tech talk and upselling; I can explain computer concepts clearly and simply to you in a way you understand so that you’re not ripped off, and that you get exactly the right outcome.


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Troubleshooting Errors

Cryptic error messages, useless error numbers, random glitches… computer errors are never fun!

I can track them down, identify the cause, repair or reinstall the software causing the problem, and provide you with information about what caused the error and how you can avoid encountering it in the future, so you won’t be bugged by that meaningless message again!

Slow Computer?

Computer starting to run at a snails pace? Do you turn your computer on, make a cuppa, and it’s still not ready to go when you sit back down?

I can help speed up slow computers to get them running quickly for you again. This may involve software fixes, or it may involve new hardware (see “Updating and Upgrading” section below)

Remove Viruses and Malware

Accidentally clicked something and now you’re getting random popups or other fishy messages? Perhaps your computer is suddenly running really slowly, or it’s using a lot of your Internet quota every month.

I can clean up your computer, repair the damage malware causes, provide coaching on malware avoidance, and ensure that you have the best security settings to reduce the likelihood of re-infection.

Update and Upgrade

Your computer is a few years old, it’s running Windows XP or Vista, or perhaps you can’t play that new game. Sound familiar? Perhaps your computer needs an update or an upgrade.

This may include installing the newest version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office, upgrading the RAM so you can do more things at once, replacing the graphics card so you can play that new game, or installing an SSD for lightning-fast startup and load times, I can help you get your computer running at peak performance!

Need a New Computer?

The technology world moves fast, and sometimes it’s just cheaper and easier to replace your computer altogether. I can identify your computing needs, and work with your budget to custom-build a computer or select the laptop that is just right for you!

This may mean a simple replacement of the tower, a completely new setup including new monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, etc., or a switch to a laptop computer if that suits your lifestyle better.

Backup Your Memories!

Did you know that the average hard drive fails after around 3 years? Don’t risk losing your precious photo memories or important financial information – I can set you up with a backup strategy that will ensure your data is always safe and recoverable should the worst happen!