Full schedule of services and the rates charged

Consultation Fee

  • Includes travel to and from your location within the standard travel zones (please see the map)
  • Includes a full consultation to understand your problem, requirements, budget, facilities, etc.
  • Includes quote detailing expected work required, time to complete, and total price

Hourly Rate

  • Applies at completion of consultation and acceptance of quote
  • Charged at the rate of $25 per half-hour (or part thereof), rounded up to nearest half hour, and includes any additional travel
  • No additional charges apply if work takes longer than quoted

New PC Builds

  • Fixed rate for new PC system builds only, and applied in addition to cost of parts
  • Includes full consultation, quote, software installation, basic data transfer, delivery, and basic setup
  • Additional setup time or advanced data transfer requirements are charged at hourly rate

Web Development

  • WordPress website development or administration
  • Rates vary by scale, complexity, number of pages, copywriting, imagery, logo or graphic design, advanced layout, and custom features
  • Administration of existing websites are charged at fixed monthly rates

Explanation of Rates

For the avoidance of confusion, an explanation of rates is outlined below.

$60 Consultation Fee is charged for all services except fixed-rate services. This fee includes travel to and from your location, as well as a full consultation to determine what you need, a quote with detail of what needs to be done, and expected total cost.

The hourly rate is charged at $25 per half-hour, or part thereof.


A 10% senior’s discount applies for over 65s.

Where your location is within walking distance, I reserve the right to discount the Consultation Fee as appropriate.

Where a consultation is not required (e.g. where you have already purchased new equipment and simply need it set up), I reserve the right to discount the Consultation Fee as appropriate.

Additional Fees and Charges

Where your location is outside my standard travel zone (please see the map), additional travel to your location is charged at a rate of $1.50/km. e.g. travel to Rowville (10km outside the zone) would cost an additional $15.

I reserve the right to adjust rates at any time. I will inform you of any recent adjustments prior to commencing work.

Service Guarantee

No Fix, No Fee

If I cannot resolve your problem, I will not charge you for the service.

Obviously, issues that are outside of my control and that I cannot repair do not apply. These include things like ISP issues, obsolete hardware/software, proprietary components, etc. In these cases, I reserve the right to decide if/when this policy applies.

Service Standards

I endeavour to complete services in a timely fashion and to an excellent standard. I do not believe in rushing my work or cutting corners.

When providing tech support, especially tutorials, I will ensure that you have had a guided tutorial as well as hands-on experience. This ensures that you are comfortable and confident with the technology!